Our Mission:

Voyage. Discover. Connect. Sonder: the realization that each random passerby is living a life as vivid and complex as your own. Sonderers Magazine celebrates these moments of juncture, and delves deeper into the human experience through a combination of travel writing, photography, videography, and social commentary. No matter where you are, no matter where you go, you are a part of the human experience. You are a sonderer.


Meet the Team:


Jeromy | Project Manager

Jeromy bio

Nomadic by nature, I have always believed in the power of travel to change people’s perspectives on the way we interact with each other. From being lost in colorful Barcelona to working in the lush Panamanian jungle, travel has made me a kinder, more versatile, and more compassionate person.

The people I’ve met through all of these experiences have shaped my worldview to be more understanding, accepting, and less judgmental, if not more sarcastic. Out of everything that I have learned, life has taught me that empathy for our fellow humans is how we change the world.

Sonderers Magazine is: an adventure into understanding how humanity and travel collide.

To travel is to: question all of what you’re told and create your own experiences.

Contact: admin@sonderon.com

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Richard | Photography Editor


I am a travel journalist with a focus on photography. I am also a brother, athlete, father, and traveler. I am a USA-­born, Italy­-raised, Oregon-­lived, and now UK-­based architect who loves nature (camping, hiking or racing); culture (books and cultural activities were the only unquestioned expenses growing up), and sports.

All three have been, are, and will be part of my life and I more and more enjoy learning anything about them. I share all of this with my family and I want to show as many colors and stories as possible to my newborn son.

Sonderers Magazine is: young, deep and passionate.

To travel is to: let yourself go and dream.

Contact: richard@sonderon.com

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Kalindi | editor-in-chief

I was born a world away, in a country that couldn't differ more from the United States. Then one day some tall, white, bearded stranger came to the orphanage to take me "home." The life that awaited me, however, was one that no child could have imagined. In twenty-one years I raced around the world: east, west, north, south; holding on for dear life on the edge of Chilean mountain passes; crossing South American borders lined with armed soldiers; retracing my roots in the coastal villages and jungles of India; teaching children under the scorching Ghanaian sun; backpacking solo while researching linguistics across Spain, and leading student programs through the lush rainforests and tropical beaches of Costa Rica.

My experiences traveling and living in other countries help me identify as multi-local; I am from so many beautiful places. When I'm not exploring the world, I run the hills of upstate NY, read mostly nonfiction, write about my travels and food, and cook scrumptious meals.

Sonderers Magazine is: the creative exploration of our shared human experience. 

Travel is to:  educate our minds, bodies, and souls. Travel is to become oneself. 

Contact: kalindi@sonderon.com 

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Luke | Special Projects Editor 

Summer camp, where my thirst for travel and curiosity of the human experience began. It is a place where I credit much of my understanding of the world in which we live. A place that showed me in one week that I can change some one’s life; that a single conversation can shape another’s reality, and that an act of genuine care can inspire even the most misunderstood.

Small interactions are what make this world what it is and small interactions are what have made me the person I am today.

I am Michigan born and raised. Currently, I am a student in Colorado, who is striving to change lives and change my own life through simple interactions, stories, photos, and a desire to understand others. It is through these small interactions where we can shape the world and I fully intend on doing so.

Sonderers Magazine is: an opportunity to connect worlds that may never have had that small interaction.

To travel is to: prove that we are more connected to each other than we previously believed.  

Contact: admin@sonderon.com

Katie | Senior Editor

Adventure is everywhere, especially outside your own front door. I haven’t gone far yet, but I’m getting there one step at a time. I was born and raised in Colorado, raised in the mountains rafting and skiing, and taught not to take it for granted. My life has taken me to British Columbia for school and Florence for a new perspective, every experience in between has made me into the person I am and I’m excited where it will take me next. At home I am a freelance journalist, a portrait photographer, and a student—a little bit of an overly passionate one at that. Before everything, I am a writer who understands that every experience, both local and abroad, have an impact on us, and that words are the greatest adventure.

Sonderers Magazine is: something beautiful.

To travel is to: get lost and found.

Contact: katie@sonderon.com