Staff Question

Staff Question

How has travel made you see the world differently?

These days I see the world a bit more connected; not necessarily in that of community, but rather in the influence that cultures and events have on each other. Similar to the domino effect. I understand it as this: You bring back parts of the experiences you have in other cultures which then influences who you are and how you act as a person. In turn, you begin to influence those around you with the pieces of those cultures that you have experienced. This slowly makes the world becoming more diverse and more understanding.
- Jeromy Slaby

Traveling made me learn more about people, first of all. Not only the manners at the table, or public customs, but people’s body language when they are alone, or in a group. How people react to unusual humor, or how they approach a stranger.
I still behave how I behave, what you see is what you get (always respectful, although I might tease the comfort boundaries). But it’s interesting to see how different people from different cultural background react to my (same) personality.
Learning more about people also makes me learn more about myself.
- Richard A. Bruschi

I see something new in every new place I go. I read something new, I understand something new. Traveling makes me see the world, its people and its different cultures. Before I began to travel, I thought I knew the world, but I was incredibly wrong. Each travel adventure opens my eyes to new perspectives. I am forced to question my preconceived notions of a people and of a place. I am forced to be comfortable with uncomfortable situations. Travel has made and continues to make me see our world.
- Kalindi Naslund

I have always been the type to love sitting in a classroom. But I think the world is the ultimate classroom, and experience is the expert professor teaching it. Travel expands our paradigms and shatters our expectations. It forces us to rebuild our mental models and shred our stereotypes. Through this humbling process of rebuilding, we learn and grow and see again with new eyes.
- Rachel Rueckert

The more I travel, the less afraid of the unknown I become. Because the unknown itself diminishes, little by little.
- Elen Turner

I become so much more aware of the world around me when I travel. Each trip is a new challenge for me to learn the language and see what the local customs are. It’s easy to stay in a little tourist bubble because it’s comfortable, but when you stray away from the main parts of towns and tourist-filled restaurants and attractions is when you really get to know the people. Traveling has made me more confident with myself that I can get myself through any situation, no matter how stressful it might be.
- Marissa Pedersen

My thoughts are similar to Rachel’s. Education through travel reshapes knowledge into wisdom and alters narrow perspectives. Experiences -- gained through everyday life, or on a trip across the world -- have always been my greatest teacher and given me the deepest insight.

- Ingrid McQuivey