Journey into the Middle Distance

Look and watch the rays of the sun as they rise above the
Horizon. The space between where your feet lay
Solid against the earth and that horizon is
The middle distance.

This journey takes place each and
Every day is exceptional; resplendent
With ideas of what will come. It is a journey
Worth celebrating.

In the middle distance emerges a
Common dream among people who rest
In the tents, in the hammocks, in the grass,
Falls to the earth.

From the cloudless skies so must this dream be
Challenged. Each is too keen on creating a life
From an idea that may not, and does not
Ring true.

In the middle distance the only truth is the
Adventure before you. It is
Not the end, but the beginning of
A journey to the horizon.

In this place there is only one way to move: forward.
Through the snow-capped mountains of the Alpine Range,
Into the primary jungles of the Panamanian forest,
And past the Etosha salt pans of the Namibian flatlands
To the horizon.

Only then in the darkness and the light,
Both near and far,
Can the common dream survive so
We who love, who live,
Can do so,

Jeromy Slaby is the founder and project manager of Sonderers Magazine. He is also a freelance writer and photographer who specializes in travel and politics. He is currently working on receiving a BA in adventure education from Fort Lewis College in Durango, CO. See more of his work here.