Staff Question

How do you celebrate life while traveling?

On a weekend camping trip in the Chilean Andes with family friends, we watched in awe at the rare site of three Andean condors flying high above us, circling a dead horse and her baby. We bathed in the natural hot springs, warming our bodies in the cool spring air. We worked as a team as we tried to turn around a fifteen car caravan headed in the wrong direction on a one-lane dirt road in the mountain passes. We cooked and ate blood sausage around an open fire and we drank to each other’s company. This is how I honor and celebrate life; when I completely lose myself in a country, immersed in its culture and among its people.

- Kalindi Naslund

Whenever and wherever I travel, I want to see non-human life in the form of wild or urban animals. In both cases, the thriving of animals is essential for a healthy environment - and a pleasant life.
I currently live in Nottingham and along the green and lush Nottingham-Beeston canal (a former commercial canal), there are many bird families that seem to be thriving and growing: mallards; swans; and more.
I am along the canal several times a week and I’ve literally seen the whole cycle of life, from pre-mating season, to mating behaviours and to the hours-long hatched babies and more.
It’s a pleasure.

- Richard A. Bruschi

Anywhere I go, I want to see the area from different angles. I want to hike to the mountains and see how the city looks from there, what wildlife flourishes, and what animals can be found roaming around. I want to go in the water and see how life below the surface looks and how the underwater system is thriving. Sitting on a beach doesn’t thrill me - I need to be in the action.

-Marissa Pedersen

Every time I travel, I try to do something I normally wouldn't do: try a new food, attempt a new sport, or make friends with a local. When I traveled to Ireland for the first time, I found myself surfing in the Atlantic Ocean in the middle of January. It was such a thrill and I was so aware of how lucky I was to be traveling and celebrating life in such a unique way.

-Rose Snyder

To celebrate life while travelling, I try to engage in life as it’s lived in the place that I’m in. I eat local food, take local transportation, shop in the local markets, read books by local authors (language permitting!) I feel that it’s important to celebrate life in all its varieties, not just keep on celebrating the familiar, comfortable life that I already know I love.

-Elen Turner

I like to spend most of my time while traveling either in nature. As much as I love to relish in the historical significances of famous landmarks, I love even more laying in my hammock between two trees in the middle of a forest that is nestled between mountains. Nature allows me to relax and recover lost energy. When I am in the backcountry I tend to look at things more deeply. I become more aware of the fact that nature is alive from beetles hiding under leaves to those leaves actively photosynthesizing sunlight. In short, I celebrate life by becoming more aware of it.

-Jeromy Slaby