Tastes of Life

A sip of ease
Pulses up the inner
Step of my
Weighed down gait.

Glanced back thoughts leave themselves behind.

A bright clad moon
Hugs my eyes
And hair scratching my pillow
Never sounded so present. Clear.

My eyes search dark corners.
They dance - and I



Morning swims up slowly.
Its waves lick the front edge of my mind.
My station has remained
Still and motionless under the calm
Eyes of time.
My breath even and slow.
My body warm and motionless
As one.

Streams of color and faces
Fill the
Passively consuming
Void of my eye.
Fill it to its brim.


Heart beats rapid as eyes
Meet another’s beautiful eyes.
My body now electric with
Excited unease lifted energy
Uncomfortable joy
Pure bliss.


Set me down gently, please
- Oh please -
Set me down gently,
I crash.

Lone deep desire for silence
For observing
For sadness.
I crash.
I stumble I

I release.

Terrified I cower and
It fits.

I let it go in
And it flows through me
With unpleasant ease
But I’m free.


My lightened gait
Glides as my thoughts
Guide me.

Pleasant and uncomfortable
Ecstatic and low.
I am free.

Lover of food and words and stories and people. Read more about Evan here