To Watch the Season Change

To Watch the Season Change

The sun shines on your skin.

The moon becomes your mirror.

Snow-capped mountains melt into brooks.

Every colour embraces viridescence.


The windy breeze plays with your hair.

Flowers bloom and butterflies rejoice this reunion.

Birds sing a different mellifluous song.

Velvety greens announce their arrival.



Spring springs with all the hues and colours of wilderness.

And I ache to remain in it forever.

Why does earth ever have to revolve?


If I had a choice,

I would have chosen this moment above all.

It makes me smile at mere sight of it.

Can you feel me smiling?


I can feel you.


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Nishtha is collector of poetry, dreams, books and flowers, caffeinated on the idea of love. That very love motivates her to travel and write about beautiful places and muddled relationships.