At Sonderers Magazine our focus is to delve into the human experience. We believe that we are one humanity with numerous untold stories and adventures. We believe that it is the purpose of each individual to not only do good, but also to create good at home in our communities as well as abroad through responsible travel.

Take Action is a compendium of organizations that are striving to create positive change around the world. Below we have organizations that focus on equality, poverty, education, community resources, the environment, the youth, as well as culture and travel. It is our hope that this page inspires you to take action, whether that's donating money and resources or volunteering your time. The world needs you.




The world is at a turning point. People everywhere understand and support the idea of gender equality. They know it’s not just a women’s issue, it’s a human rights issue. And when these powerful voices are heard, they will change the world. The time for that change is now.

HeForShe is inviting people around the world to stand together to create a bold, visible force for gender equality. And it starts by taking action right now to create a gender equal world

Founded by actress Milana Vayntrub and entrepreneur Eron Zehavi, #CantDoNothing is focused on helping each and every person effect real change. #CantDoNothing is supporting new and thriving organizations like The Syria Fund, Boat Refugee Foundation, and Off Track Health to help everyone spread their voice, time, and money to help thousands of refugees.  Read More




Our programmes are developed in collaboration with children and their communities to ensure that they are as relevant and accessible as possible. We work with the people and institutions that play an important role in children’s lives such as parents, teachers, community groups and governments. This approach helps children recover from their experiences and gives them the confidence and opportunity to build a brighter future for themselves, their families and their communities.




The Ryan’s Well Foundation, together with local partners, provides access to clean water, sanitation and hygiene education in the poorest regions of developing countries. We educate and motivate people to share our passion and contribute to achieving change in the world.

Build a Boma is a campaign from National Geographic's Big Cats Initiative that is saving lions and other big cats. Every dollar raised will go directly toward building and maintaining livestock enclosures called "bomas" in Kenya and Tanzania. Protecting livestock from predation helps protect big cats from retaliatory killings. Bomas are a simple solution for a big problem. Even a small contribution can make a big difference.